Uh-Oh Cancer

We’ll start here, because it’s really where everything I want to share with you begins.  Shortly after my mom picked me up from the side of the highway, she took me to Dr. Aaron to have my sore ear looked at and the half-dollar size lump on my leg.  I’d heard her mention before the appointment it was probably something called cancer.  It didn’t really matter to me–it was just a little lump that didn’t bother me at all.

I got medicine put in my ear, and everyone said what a good girl I was when they biopsied the lump.  I didn’t cry, I didn’t even flinch.  Mom petted and hugged me while we waited.  Then he came back, and I could tell something wasn’t right.  He wasn’t laughing and joking anymore.

I have a Soft Tissue Sarcoma.  It is cancer and it is malignant.  Although it isn’t likely to metastasize anywhere else in my body.

Everybody seemed so serious, so I just wagged my tail.  They talked about my treatment options

  1. Reduce the mass and chemo.  It would cost at least a thousand to have all the pre-treatment tests, let alone the surgery and chemo.  It would require an oncologist.  My mom couldn’t afford that at all.
  2. Amputate my leg.  Mom wasn’t certain I would do well with that.  That I would somehow think it was cruel.
  3. No nothing.  The tumor would grow, at some point it would bring me down, and my natural life would pass.  Make the best of every day from then till now.

Mom chose to leave it alone.  I didn’t care one way or the other.  I was going back to my new home and my leg didn’t bother me, not even after a needle stick, and life was good.  Mom told me my diet would change; she was going to give me the best she could to keep the “good stuff” in my body working right and maybe slow down the lump.

She didn’t act sad.  That’s good, because I would have worried too.  I want Mom and the boys to be happy.  I don’t suppose there’s anything to really be sad about; my leg was just fine.



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