In Motion

So, I have been busy sleeping and settling in, and this weekend was really busy for Mom with different things.  Sorry I haven't written my events down.  I'll backtrack a little. Saturday, the day immediate after my surgery, my stomach was off.  I ate, and I kept my food down, but I dry heaved a … Continue reading In Motion


Home Sweet Home

I am home.  I am a tripod.  I hurt, and I am sleepy.  I have my couch back, and I have NO CONE.  That is all. Goodnight... What, Mom?  Really?  She says that's not good enough.  That I have to provide details because a lot of people are nervous about their dog's first day home, … Continue reading Home Sweet Home

Just Gross

Warning... this is ugly. So for anybody who wanted a closer look, this is what I'm dealing with.  And this picture doesn't show the worst of it.  Mom tries to keep it covered, and a diaper used to work quite well.  But I now have some swelling (from the drainage) above my "elbow", which makes … Continue reading Just Gross