The Diet

When Mom said my diet would change, I didn’t really think much about it.  I got my food daily, I wasn’t hungry, and that’s all that mattered.

Then, the next day, she handed me my bowl.  It smelled funny.  Like rotten apples.  “Eat it, Daisy.  It’s just a little vinegar,” she said.

Not.  Happening.  That was disgusting stuff.

I went back to sleep.

The next day she handed me my bowl again.  This time, there was still that rotten apple smell, but it was better.  There was a new bag sitting on the counter, and I looked up at it.  TASTE OF THE WILD.  It was a yellow bag*.  The picture showed dogs running around free and looking happy.

So, I tried it.  The vinegar was still disgusting.  Enough so I only ate half of my bowl. Mom decided to try to out-stubborn me for a little bit, so this went on for a couple of days.

A few days later, she handed me my bowl and it smelled wonderful.  I looked at the counter.  Same bottle of vinegar.  Same bag of food.  But a purple can had that wonderful smell, and it too said TASTE OF THE WILD.**

I tried it and ate the whole bowl.  While I ate, Mom talked to me.

Apparently she wanted as high-protein diet as she could manage, without grain.  The options were raw food.  Fresh packaged soft food.  Or high-quality dry food with high-quality canned food.  Our budget wouldn’t allow for fresh packaged soft food.  And her schedule wouldn’t allow for raw or even home-cooked food every day.

She had used TASTE OF THE WILD with a previous dog that had cancer…somewhere… and couldn’t be located exactly.  That dog wouldn’t eat anything until she switched to it.  The yellow bag had the highest protein, and the same went for the purple can.

Our local supplier doesn’t always have the yellow kind, so we switch now and then between varieties, and I like them all the same.  But Mom never buys a variety that is less than 28% protein*** and she always buys the purple can, which has a protein value of 8.0%, and is the highest values in the cans she’s found.

So if you’re super busy with your daily schedule, and you’re on a limited budget, I recommend this food.  Aside from all the healthy reasons–which really don’t make a difference to me–it tastes darn good!

Note from Mom:

*The “yellow bag” is the Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine variety with 32% protein minimum.
**Daisy gets the Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountains canned food.
***Daisy alternates between High Prairie Canine(32%), Pine Forest Canine(28%), and Wetlands Canine(32%).  Her favorite is Wetlands, but we have to drive 40 miles to get it.


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