The Shirt

Mom used to dress up her little dogs when she was a girl.  Babydoll clothes, booties, and even strollers.  I’m kinda glad I didn’t know her back then.

This bandage thing was really bugging me today, so I tore it off.  To make the puncture feel better, I gave it quite a washing with my tongue.  Mom scolded me.

It wasn’t like the scolding Gracie got, or the one Chance got for trying to steal my food, so really, I didn’t pay her much attention.  I licked it some more, and really got it bleeding.  That’s got to be good for it, I guess.

Mom doesn’t think so.  She put the bandage back on, and then she found a long-sleeved shirt.  She put it on me… I am not impressed.

So I’m licking her shirt now, just to show her I can.


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