I’m still wearing the cone… my Mom won.  Or maybe my belly did.  Dinner convinced me off the couch today, and I ran into every piece of furniture with this stupid thing to get to it.

I went outside, and my brothers and sisters all smelled the thing on my head.  We all came back in, but Mom stopped me from going to my couch.  She changed the diaper on my leg again, and made a face.

My leg is swelling all the way down to my toes and I am limping.  The lump hurts now.  She gave me a big hug and many pets and said the vet was closed.  I have to take my medicine and rest.

Meanwhile, I heard her have a hushed conversation with the boys.  It started with “What do you think we should do about Daisy, honestly?”

They talked about finances.  They talked about options.  Mom knows the vet is going to say the lump can’t be fixed.  Mom knows my leg is not good.  I’m not sure exactly what she meant, but it seems there might be two options.  Remove the leg or “let her go”.  I know Mom wouldn’t turn me out in the cold alone again, so it must have some other meaning.

I think I’ll nap till Monday.  Dr. Aaron surely can come up with something.  He made my ear feel better!


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