Mom Can’t Sleep

I am dozing on the couch.  I feel better today–that medicine Mom has been giving me has helped a lot.  My leg isn’t quite as swollen.  But the lump is still draining and stinking.

Mom is sitting on her computer.  I know when she’s like this and her fingers aren’t making much noise, that she’s reading.  I bet she’s reading that tripawd site again–she spends a lot of time there then talks to the boys and me about stories she read.

We’re supposed to go to Dr. Aaron’s office tomorrow.  Mom is excited, I can tell, but also worried.  I heard her tell the boys today that if it can be managed financially, with the office, she’s going to “take it off.”

I’m guessing she means my leg.  Honestly, I don’t really care what she’s up to.  My leg hurts, and I’d like for it to stop.  I’d really really like to have this cone off my head.  I’m sure she and Dr. Aaron will find a way to make me feel normal.  They’ve done so much for me already.

As long as she doesn’t give up my couch.  I might really have to revolt then.


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