20160913_091237   Look at my new bed!

My house has hardwood floors that are really old.  Mom said when she moved in, the kitchen–which is where we go in and out–was in white carpet, and the other room the boys use had lime(ish) green.  Mom said after a year or two of shampooing carpets every time it rained she got rid of the carpet.

The floors are nice.  Sometimes she oils them when company is coming.  But otherwise, they are just floors for us to camp on.  Until last night.

I overheard Mom talking about “traction” the other night with the boys and her friend.  I guess my brother Max (the even bigger St. Bernard) is getting old enough his hips are a little ouchy.  She wanted to make getting up easier for him.

She’s also told me that when I come home from my surgery getting around will be a little difficult.  I’ll have to learn to walk again.  I’m up for the challenge, but Mom thinks I need a little help with something called “traction”.  So she put out the call to her friends on this thing called Facebook, and asked if anybody had any “carpet remnants”.  (I think those are rugs.)

One of her friends redid their office and gave her this nice scrap of pretty blue, silk, carpet and Mom put it out last night.

The color looks good on me, don’t you think?  I can stretch out on it and still have room to roll around.  I even slept on it, as opposed to with my youngest boy most of last night. Mom says she’s getting more tomorrow from another friend.  Yay!

She reminded me, though, I have to share with Max.  I’m not too fond of that idea.  Max is big, and I guess he’s nice, but he mostly keeps to himself.  He hasn’t discovered the heavenly bliss of this soft stuff beneath his paws yet.  He probably won’t until she puts the “runner” (her word, not mine) in the kitchen.  He doesn’t like to leave the kitchen.  Or maybe it’s the water bowl he doesn’t like to leave. He can make that stuff disappear like raw sausage!

Mom also says that once she figures out how to piece rugs on the stairs I’ll be able to go upstairs after surgery too.  She’s thinking duck tape will make it stick.  I’m not sure.  I mean, I know what a duck is.  They have feathers that are slick.  I’ve not known them to stand in one place for very long, either.  And if that means she’s going to bring those noise-making things inside, I might have to take my new rug to the backyard.

I’ll leave it to Mom though.  She always says these weird things, and then what she comes up with I really like.  Guess we’ll see if those ducks will behave and hold my pretty, soft rug in place!  Right now, it’s nap time.  :yawn:

Note from Mom:

Traction is extremely important for a tripod dog, especially when they are learning to get around after surgery.  A fall can break their confidence, and slipping around can also damage incision sites. In our household, which sees a lot of indoor-outdoor traffic and dust and dirt from the farm, store-bought throw rugs wear out quickly.  To avoid the necessity of replacing them all the time (and the cost) we sought remnants.  It seems like I always know someone who is tearing up carpet for some reason or another.  Three to four foot wide strips will allow us to make a nice (if not colorful) runner from backdoor to the main living area.  Hopefully, this will keep Daisy in motion and can help out our 11 year old St. Bernard as he ages, too.


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