Not Feeling So Well

My lump ruptured with another hole.  This one is high up, near my armpit, and could possibly be related to the bandage I have to keep on.  But the drainage requires the bandage, or I’d have to stay off everything but the wood floor… and I love my couch, and I like the new rugs Mom has.  I don’t want to be in trouble for something that’s not my fault, so bandage it is.

But getting around is becoming pretty painful.  I only ate half my dinner this morning, and I’d rather just lay on the couch and sleep. If it’s not hurting, it itches like crazy, and I can’t get to the itch with the cone.  When I try, I look like I’m having some sort of seizure, that makes Mom chuckle quietly to herself, but is really frustrating for me.  I still have a tail-wag or two for Mom, but this is getting old.  Fast.

Mom says I have five days, including today, and to hang in there.  She says then, after I spend the night with Dr. Aaron and The World’s Greatest Tech, I won’t have the bandage, or the itches, or the stinky drainage.  She says I’ll have different ouchies, but that Dr. Aaron will help those out with pain medications.

Honestly?  If there’s an end to this current nuisance, I can’t wait for it.  I want to go out and play without banging my cone on everything.  I want my full dinner, cause I’m hungry, but every time I get up my leg annoys me too much to focus on anything, even eating, for long.

So Mom watched another video with me, to show me (and her) how quickly I’m going to feel better.  You have to wait a bit for the other doggie owners to share their recovery stories, but it’s a pretty good, professional, video.  We were both surprised and excited to see that this veterinarian mentioned  Mom’s thinking about the harness.  What do you guys think?  My collar is pink… should she see if they have one?


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