Just Gross

Warning… this is ugly.

So for anybody who wanted a closer look, this is what I’m dealing with.  And this picture doesn’t show the worst of it.  Mom tries to keep it covered, and a diaper used to work quite well.  But I now have some swelling (from the drainage) above my “elbow”, which makes it hard to keep the diaper in place.  I have yucky junk all over my chest from laying down and it slipping.  I really, really want a bath, but Mom isn’t so sure that’s a good idea.  What if the soap gets in the wounds?  What if the water makes the dead, fragile tissue tear and the holes widen, or new ones pop through?  Mom is thinking Thursday, before I go visit Dr. Aaron, that she might give me a bath.  That way if the wounds get worse, I’ll be with him, and if nothing else they might be able to minimally sedate me to help keep a bigger mess covered until surgery time.

You see why we all want this thing off?  Blech!  It’s constant stinky nastiness that  I can’t even keep clean with this stupid cone.  It dripped on Mom today while she was changing my diaper.  That was the first time she seemed really bothered by it.  I can’t say I blame her, though… try living with it!

I did eat better today.  I convinced my youngest boy to hold my bowl for me.  Hah.  That is all part of my secret agenda into becoming the most spoiled dog ever.  When this is all through I’m going to have my entire family hand-feeding me, putting fresh sheets on my bed(s) daily, and so many kisses my other brothers and sisters will be so jealous.

Mom has two more rolls of rugs.  She says this week we’ll put them down and figure out the stairs.  I’m still waiting on the ducks to make an appearance.  Still not so sure of that.

Meanwhile, you can look at my ugly lump.  Tomorrow, we’ll find something more entertaining.  Warning–this is graphic below!





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