One Day Left!

So the house is pretty busy this week.  Mom and the boys have been doing a lot of reorganizing and cleaning.  They keep telling me it’s for me… but…I really don’t need all this stuff.  Things are pretty kosher with me, all things considered.  I get to sleep all day, nobody bugs me.  Though if I can get up and down without limping, or I feel good enough to actually get up and get to the door in time to potty with the other dogs, as opposed to waiting until the last. ultimate. second.  and peeing on the floor, life would be great.

I did get scolded last night for doing exactly that.  I don’t like to be scolded at all.  Mom knows I try, but last night I really pushed the limits.  I refused to come for our last bedtime trip outside, then decided it was time just as Mom went to bed.  Only… I didn’t really tell her it was time.  I snuck in to get a drink and let her think that’s what I was doing.  Her ears must be better than mine!

Tomorrow is the big day.  I’ll get to have my dinner and then spend the night with Dr. Aaron.  Friday morning I’ll take a nice long nap and wake up as a tripawd.  Mom says she can’t send me with too much stuff–I won’t be able to eat too many treats while I am there, for instance.  When I get home though, that’s a whole different story.  I expect Mom to have some serious goodies for me!

Anyway, enough for now.  More tomorrow, before I go.


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