In Motion

So, I have been busy sleeping and settling in, and this weekend was really busy for Mom with different things.  Sorry I haven’t written my events down.  I’ll backtrack a little.

Saturday, the day immediate after my surgery, my stomach was off.  I ate, and I kept my food down, but I dry heaved a few times later in the evening.  It may have been my medicine too.  But as a whole, I was feeling pretty well.  I couldn’t figure out how to get back on my couch, so I stayed on the new rugs and napped most of the day.

I managed to make it outside on my own without stumbling.  Mom bought me a dog bed–so not a replacement for my couch–and I slept on it Saturday night.

Sunday (yesterday) I was done with the dog bed.  That’s my couch, dang it, and this business of not being on it needed to end.  So, while Mom was working at the dining room table after my morning potty break and breakfast, I went over, stared at it a bit, and went for it.  I made it on the first try.  No nose-squashing, no face-planting, just — success!  And I flopped over on my stitches and took a long, long nap.

Sunday evening when I got up from couch heaven to potty, I tweaked a stitch.  I didn’t cry, but my eldest boy noticed a little bit of fresh blood.  Mom looked at it and my stitches are fine, I just pulled one a little.  Probably got it stuck in the couch since I was laying on them.

I’ve been down and up off the couches, in and outside.  My legs don’t shake if I am on them much.  I don’t need rests to go in and out to the yard.  I just do my thing.  The other dogs don’t bother me and I’m not bothered BY them.  They bump me now and then cause sometimes we all really want to go out, but I can hold my balance no problems.

Today I’m up and back to my normal self mostly — as far as mobility goes. I’ve never been hyperactive so, this couch potato routine is classic me.  I do have a tiny bit of swelling at my incision site.  Mom says this is normal.  My appetite isn’t back in full yet, but my hospital papers say that tube for anesthesia could cause me some irritation.  I’ve also decided it is easier to lie down and eat than stand up.

Life is pretty good, honestly.  And it is so much better without that darned cone.  Mom says she’ll give you all so more photos soon.  Maybe I can convince her to take a video too!  Showtime for Daisy… yeah!

Note from Mom:

I am frankly surprised about the couch thing with Daisy.  I didn’t expect her to be able to get down and up without needing assistance, and she just decided she was going to do it, and got it done. I can tell that she’s feeling better all the way around.  Prior to the surgery, she was having accidents in the house because she simply didn’t want / refused to get up and go outside and do much of anything but get a drink and eat.  Now she’s back to no accidents, she’s so bright-eyed and aware, and she comes without hesitation when she’s called.  Well… at least no more hesitation than usual.  She’s always been a “Really?  Do I have to get up? Is it that important?” kind of dog.
Seeing her take things so easily, seeing how quickly she’s back in motion, and seeing how un-bothered by it all she really is convinces me I absolutely made the right decision.  She’s much much happier.  I’d become so accustomed to her depressed self, that I don’t think I realized how miserable the leg made her.


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