I know I’m supposed to be here every day telling you this and that, per Mom, but… I haven’t had anything to say, really.

I’m doing really well, all things considered.  I get up and move just fine.  I am on three and a half days of no medication at all, and longer without pain medication which was making me really sick to my stomach.

I did get in trouble night before last for plucking at my stitches with my teeth.  But Mom put me in a green t-shirt, and now I can’t get to them at all.  They come out this afternoon, so they are soon to not be a worry.

I’m still not really liking anything Mom feeds me unless it is human food, and even then, I’m not really enthused about eating.  The Taste of the Wild used to be so awesome.  Now it’s just sorta…meh.  Mom said we’re going to try Merrick’s grain-free, potato-free stuff next.

I’m having an every-other-day issue with my hind leg on my amputation side.  Not really limping on it, but not fully weight bearing either.  This getting around on three legs is hard on the body and I’ve strained my muscles a bit.  Mom said she’d ask if there was a very mild on the tummy and not intensive pain med I could take when we go in today–like Advil for doggies.  The Previcox made me sick to my stomach, and so while she has some of that left, she doesn’t want to give it to me.

My tail helicoptered for Mom.  It’s my way of showing how happy I am, in general.

But back to my main headline–FREEDOM!  Stitches come out today.  That means Mom can gently rub my shoulder that’s been so neglected lately.  I’m also going on a truck ride-whoo!!  Not just to Dr. Aaron’s, but we’re going to the city to look at some traction socks for me.  I don’t really need them in my house, but we’re supposed to get rain, which makes the back porch slick, and my rugs don’t quite go all the way out with the dual doors that go in and out.

Anyway, more tomorrow when I can report on the events outside my house!

Photo OP!  Ignore the remnant still rolled up behind me.  It’s for the stairs, but I’m not using stairs yet, so it’s still waiting to be tacked down.



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