Out And About

Good morning everyone!  I am happy to report I’m having one of the best days ever today!

Let me tell you about yesterday.  I was too tired to fill you in last night.

So Mom and I left and stopped at Orschelns to see if they carried the variety of Merrick’s food she wants me to try.  It has no potatoes and no grain, which is really good for cancer dogs.  While we don’t think my cancer spread, I do have some other lumps that have never done anything and we want to make sure they don’t.

Walking on that slippery floor with one leg a bit ouchy wasn’t easy, let me tell you.  So Mom let me lay by the dog food while she wandered around.  I was a bit worried she’d left me.  Sometimes it’s hard to forget my previous family abandoned me and remember Mom won’t.  But she didn’t, and she didn’t find the food she was looking for either.  I got lots of pets from the people that work there — and lots of stares.  (Someone should tell people that’s rude!)

Next up was Dr. Aaron’s.  I really like him.  The World’s Greatest Tech scolded me for trying to help myself out of the stitches, but I knew she was teasing.  She’s so fun!  Dr. Aaron put me in his lap and pulled all the stitches, then gave me a really long rub while Mom and he and TWGT talked about why I wasn’t eating, what to do about my muscle soreness, and all that stuff I don’t care much about.  TWGT shoved another pill down my mouth.  Mom says it will get rid of the worm that is eating my food.

After that, we went on to Pet-Co to look for socks.  It’s supposed to start a week of rain, and I will likely need them to get across our slippery concrete floor that we can’t easily cover with rugs.  It was a long walk to the door, and I was pretty tired when I got there.  Mom carried me to the sock aisle so I didn’t have to do another slippery floor.  I rested while she looked and tried a pair on me.  They fit, and when I tried to get up, I didn’t have any trouble at all.  It was just like getting up on four legs!  Awesome things!!  I’ll have Mom get a picture the next time I am wearing them.

Then we went to Tractor Supply to exchange some food.  It was too hot to leave me in the car, so I had to walk some more.  Mom tried to put me on a flat cart so I didn’t have to walk anymore, but I wasn’t having any of that! I jumped off to prove I could walk, and I wanted to.  We were there a bit, and somebody said, “Oh, you poor thing.”  I’m not a poor thing, darn it!  I am doing great.  I wish people could know how much better this is than that leg I had.  That rotten thing was misery.

Somebody else said, “Now that’s determination!”  That’s more like it.  I let that sweet lady pet me.

After we finished, Mom took me to McDonalds and got me a plain cheeseburger.  Mom has never bought fast food for a dog before, so I felt pretty special.  I ate the whole thing.

Then we came home, and she gave me a new dose on my old medication, and a long massage because I really did too much, and she didn’t want me to be sore overnight or this morning.  I also ate some of my actual dog food.  I’d forgotten I liked that stuff.

All in all, it was a good day.  I got out for the first time in weeks, and I really like going out.

Note From Mom:
It will take some getting used to having everyone stare at the dog.  I’ve sort of become used to it – people stare like crazy when we take the Newfie out.  But it’s a different sort of stare.  This one has “pity” written all over it, and that’s hard to confront.  It makes me feel guilty… like people think I shouldn’t take my tripawd out and about.  In Daisy’s case, she loves to leave the house.  It’s far more cruel to punish her by making her stay home, when she’s used to going with.  She’s a little slow in the get-along right now, which I’m sure doesn’t help.  But she has to build those muscles, and she can’t do that lying on the couch.

I cannot say enough about the traction socks.  I will post info on the maker and pictures when we have them on Daisy again.  It was really an amazing, instant difference, after having watched her struggle at both Orschelns and Dr. Aaron’s with those slick, industrial tile floors.  Same flooring, different footwear, and she was up and going with no hesitation and no help.  Plus, they didn’t bother her and she wasn’t inclined to pull them off.


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