The Dreaded Diaper

So, you know how I was wearing those diapers on my leg?  I didn’t tell Mom something pretty important.  I ate one, and I let my siblings take the blame.  Except… Mom is too vigilant, and she figured it out this morning.

I went outside this morning, and Mom was watching because of the medicine Dr. Aaron gave me yesterday.  I guess it didn’t look quite right cause she started following me around.  I tried to hide from her and get my business done, but she cornered me and… my secret came out.  Oops.

It’s amazing how being free of that thing has made me hungry again.  Maybe I should have told her earlier.  She might have been able to help me out a bit.

But… as a result… I’m having one of my best days ever!  I feel great today.  I even went out to the chicken yard with Mom to check the birds.  I’d like to go everywhere, every time she opens the door.  But she doesn’t always let me.  Today, though, I’m trying to beat her to the door so I can slip through and she can’t tell me to stay inside.

I’ve also eaten twice in one morning.  And I’m not feeling ouchy after yesterday.  See, Mom?  It wasn’t all that much.  I can do this!



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