About Daisy’s Mom

My name is Claire Ashgrove, and I’m Daisy’s mom.  I’m a single-mom, living on a farm, trying to raise two boys, and I write books.  Contrary to the fantasy life people believe authors lead, the world of publishing is a hard world, and we aren’t rich.  We being me and my two boys.

We’re ordinary folks from small town, farming America.  The truck that Daisy loves so much is 13 years old and has almost 400,000 miles on it.  We’re quite ordinary.

And we picked up a dog on the side of the road that nobody wanted.  A dog who had grown up with a family, then found herself abandoned in an approaching thunderstorm, which she’s very afraid of.  Daisy’s life expectancy, had we not, would have been a handful of days.  Long enough for her to get hungry, go after someone’s livestock, and meet a shotgun.  Long enough for her to hide in the woods and run into the coyotes or the coyote traps.  Long enough for her to run away from the creatures of the night and get hit by a car.

I hate people who dump dogs.

I particularly hate these people who dumped this dog.  In the four months that we’ve owned Daisy, she has become so very special to all of us.  I have never met a dog more grateful for her care, more dignified about her world, or more graceful in all she does.  She is quiet and undemanding.  She is loving from the depths of her heart, and her soul pours through her eyes.

I started this blog for people like us.  People who want to do what’s right for a dog they love but struggle with the financial decisions and struggle with transposing much human emotion on a dog.  I started this blog for people with dogs who have cancer.  I’ve been down that road often, sadly, as a pet owner.  This is the first time I have ever had the opportunity to do something other than watch a dog decline and wait for the signs when “it is time.”

Daisy and I welcome your comments.