The Dreaded Diaper

So, you know how I was wearing those diapers on my leg?  I didn't tell Mom something pretty important.  I ate one, and I let my siblings take the blame.  Except... Mom is too vigilant, and she figured it out this morning. I went outside this morning, and Mom was watching because of the medicine … Continue reading The Dreaded Diaper


Out And About

Good morning everyone!  I am happy to report I'm having one of the best days ever today! Let me tell you about yesterday.  I was too tired to fill you in last night. So Mom and I left and stopped at Orschelns to see if they carried the variety of Merrick's food she wants me … Continue reading Out And About


I know I'm supposed to be here every day telling you this and that, per Mom, but... I haven't had anything to say, really. I'm doing really well, all things considered.  I get up and move just fine.  I am on three and a half days of no medication at all, and longer without pain … Continue reading Freedom!

In Motion

So, I have been busy sleeping and settling in, and this weekend was really busy for Mom with different things.  Sorry I haven't written my events down.  I'll backtrack a little. Saturday, the day immediate after my surgery, my stomach was off.  I ate, and I kept my food down, but I dry heaved a … Continue reading In Motion

Just Gross

Warning... this is ugly. So for anybody who wanted a closer look, this is what I'm dealing with.  And this picture doesn't show the worst of it.  Mom tries to keep it covered, and a diaper used to work quite well.  But I now have some swelling (from the drainage) above my "elbow", which makes … Continue reading Just Gross