My brothers and sisters can really be pains sometimes.  This time, it all started with a skunk.

My youngest brother Diesel occasionally jumps the fence.  It’s six foot tall, and he is 27 inches tall, and he scales it like he’s jumping a small rock.  Then he goes and inspects the chickens (blech!) and the horses, and the pigs, and then he decides he wants back inside and jumps the fence to get back in.

In his adventuring, he encountered a skunk.  He came inside with a whole new brand of perfume.  Which meant Diesel was not allowed on the furniture that night.

So my sister Gracie got to escape her kennel overnight.  She has to stay inside it because she makes everyone angry in the night.  She pushes other dogs off the comfy spots, tries to get as close to her humans, and ends up trapping them, or laying on them.  Nobody thinks too highly of it, and a couple of us have told her so–pointedly. (Yes, that means with teeth.)  So Gracie sleeps in the kennel to keep her, and us, safe and happy.

Well, as I said, she got to escape.  And instead of treasuring the opportunity she went right back to her old tricks.  She started it with the Aussie, and they got into a discussion.  When she gave up trying ot get the Aussie to move, she decided she’d sleep where I was.

She jumped right on me.

Mom interrupted our…discussion…scolded Gracie and went back to bed.  The next morning, she woke up and saw blood on the floor.  She tracked it back to me, and my lump.  It had a scratch on it, and a small puncture wound.  So Mom bandaged it up.

Gracie’s been in the doghouse ever since.  (Did I tell you I have a special place in this house?)  Mom doesn’t even want to talk to her.  Meanwhile, I am getting more kisses and pets than anybody else!

Life is great!


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